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  1. Des' last update was on this page -
    so everything after that
  2. Alright, where does it begin?
  3. there is a bit of a backlog because nobody took care of it since Des left
  4. I suppose I could. Has everything been indexed so far or is there a backlog to take care of?
  5. hi, would you mind taking care of anime index thread?
  6. No problem, really.
  7. seems like you wont need to host it after all, sry for bothering you
  8. ok, thanks
    can you check out the last AotY thread for rules and categories, no rush though
    I'll post about it in social media once its prepared
  9. Well, I'm not going anywhere, so I probably could.
  10. hey Mreaper, I know you are still busy with winter season anime, but could you host anime of season/year in a few weeks? I talked to Des about it, but he's gonna be overseas so he cant do it
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