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  1. Hey Mreaper! I know you're likely pretty busy with other things, and I'm not sure exactly how you feel about the DB/DBZ series. But I started a new thread on an interesting fan-manga that I discovered a couple of months ago, and that I think is AWESOME. Wanted to see if you were interested in checking it out? Here's a link just in case:
  2. Yayz
  3. Thanks for the message, Mreaper, I appreciate the info. And I have now made the necessary correction, I now possess both a profile pic and avatar.
  4. Yo!
    Saw your post(well, wall of text) in the Naruto thread, asking about avys after I said you should get one.
    I dunno if you need a number of posts, I got my first one right away, just go into Settings and on the left you should have

    My Profile
    -Edit Avatar
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