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  1. Third book came out a couple of months ago. And yes man, he even updates his progress on his website
    Imagine he works on this whilst writing and releasing 2-3 other books at the same time.

    The whole magic thing took me awhile to get used to but once you get in that's it. Let me know how you get on
  2. Haha, is the series complete? If it isn't please say that he writes quickly lol
    And you are right I've read the opening and the first chapter and I am loving it already, the world is awesome, the magic is awesome, I especially like how different it is than the standard magic stuff and the fight with the king was quality. I'm gonna read a couple more chapters tonight before I go to bed
  3. You definitely won't regret it. Make sure you go in blind to avoid spoilers and w/e. When you finish that first book, you'll be here telling me how sick it was. I envy you in the sense you can enjoy all 3 books without having to wait lool.
  4. Okay, I'm sold, I'll download it today and give it a read. True, your recommendations are always on point and that we have similar tastes, makes me think that I won't regret it and that I'm missing out on something great lol
  5. I got into GoT books for the exact same reason. I looked for something similar and found out about Stormlight archive - the first book came out in 2013. I don't want to say too much but it's exactly like GoT with the whole Houses, politics etc - but the main character is a young man from a lowly background who's drafted into an ongoing war. When I read the first book Kuro, I was like holy fck. Then the second one is even better man. Unlike GoT, Stormlight archive is more of an epic and every book finale the author delivers hard. The author and series are well loved online and on reddit (author interacts with fans and posts frequently) - he releases books really quickly too.

    I've recommended Stormlight to a lot of people, many non book readers too - every single person gets hooked. Kuro you know my recommendations don't disappoint and this is like the best thing I can recommend.
  6. yep, i can see winds of winter being released sometime this year, but with the pace that he writes and his age plus lifestyle, I cant see him finishing the final book.

    I haven't heard of it, though I cant really say that ill watch in the foreseeable future, i've got a lot of catching up to do already and I cant see my self watching a new show in the foreseeable future, that's unless its god-tier lol. right now i'm watching black mirror, then i've got a season of better call saul, than its HTGAWM, then suits, homeland, narcos, peaky blinders, vikings and the walking dead, plus there are some other shows that i want to watch like legion and taboo, so lots of **** to watch lol.

    I wouldn't say that i am, I read the A song of fire and ice series because i couldn't wait for the next season lol, not that I don't like reading, i did thoroughly enjoy the ones i have read, so i could be tempted to read the storm light archive series.
  7. Yeah it's pretty much a blockbuster now movie now. It's a shame this the only thing we'll get since the author is probably going to die before he completes the books.

    And yeah I watched Westworld. Great show, Anthony Hopkins elite tier actor. You heard of Ozarks?

    If you're into books by the way, I'd highly recommend that you read both the Stormlight Archive series and The Name of the Wind. Both series are like top 2-3 highest rated on goodreads. Stormlight Archive book 3 came out a couple of months ago - the series (in particular book 2) is like better than any show or book I've ever seen/read.
  8. Oh, saul Vs chuck, sounds awesome, I'll watch it out next.
    They ****ed up by diverting too much from the books, the first few seasons is pretty much line for line with the book, and that's what made it great from the start, the great storylines and character development, now all they use is tits and shock value, I watched a video with some of the people who made it talking about the newest season and the amount of enthusiasm for the zombie polar bear was way over the top, which in the end just showed me where there priority's lie.
    Nice I'm glad you liked it.
    Another show you may like if you haven't seen it already is Westworld, it starts of kinda slow but then it starts to get really interesting, then it will blow your mind.
  9. Better Call Saul midseason episode is amazing, best thing I've watched in a long while. Chuck vs Saul in court.

    They did Littlefinger dirty. And yeah it was way too rushed. GoT went downhill after season 4.

    I managed to finish Lost by the way, it's my favourite show.
  10. I didn't really like the last GoTs season, everything with Dany and Jon was unbelievable, aryas, sansas and little fingers storyline was stupid and I felt that they built little finger up for something big only for him to die in such a whimper, and then there is the ending, let's just say that I hated it lol.
    Mr robot was dope, I haven't watched the latest season of better call saul, tbf I've got a lot of catching up to do lol.
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