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  1. The dual was sick, how Kaladin jumped in and saved Aldolin when he was outnumbered was sick and even though I didn't really think Adolin would lose a bit at the back of my head did think what if, Jasnar was killed so I didnt really think that anyone was safe. It was sick at the end too when Kaladin called out Amaram, it would of been even sicker if they got to fight together. Buuuut forget that, I finished the book :P and just wow, the final part was immense, when Kaladin got his powers back gave me goosebumps, it was epic. I had an inkling that the surgeblades were spren so that was nice when it was confirmed and I'm loving how syl can turn into and weapon depending on the situation, and it was especially good when Kaladin was fighting szeth and what a fight, even though I don't want them to adapt this story, seeing that fight in live action would complete my life, so sick.
  2. Let me know what you think about the next duel.
  3. Yep Szeth is op as fcuk, its good though, it gives Kaladin a goal and he also knows what he is capable of doing, I'm up to were he has just more or less mastered lashing to walls, it was a pretty sick chapter, tbf all of the chapters are sick lol. yeah Adolin has just finished hes third fight were he embarrased this guy lol, hes next fight is a 2 vs 1, which sounds like an awesome duel lol.
  4. That's my favourite chapter so far, how it kept switching between characters, always keeping me on edge lol, like something sick happened than it switched to a different perspective of the same battle, just awesome writing, and I agree Im glad that the author didnt end it on a massive cliffhanger, one of the reasons why I was hesitant picking up another unfinished series was because of the wait for the next book lol so im thankful he isnt just like GMMR lol. cliffhangers ae good just not when you have to wait 7+ years to see what happened.

    I had an inkling that Kaladin would save them so im glad that he did. id imagine that Dalinar does get his sword back, it would be pretty sick to see adolin make a fool out of him in a duel but I dont think sadeas would ever agree with one, the next best thing is for Kaladin to kill him.
  5. You're flying through these chapters - you're finally hooked lool. And yeah man Szeth is a beast. I remember shortly afterwards Kaladin starts to resume his training cause he knows Szeth is on another level. And have you gotten to any of Adolin's duels yet?

    I had to re-read the ending of book 1 again. It's so sick man, when Kaladin comes to rescue Dalinar's army and he comes across Adolin taking down people left right and centre to try get to his father even though his armour's basically finished and he's surrounded by enemies licking their lips over his weapon. Then you see Dalinar fighting up ahead vs that shardbearer. Like we know damn well a lot of authors would've just stopped a book at Sadeas turning away and you would've had to wait a good 5 years (or 15 in GRRM's case lmao) to find out what happens.

    And lol yeah, Sadeas played them nicely. I legit thought that was it for Dalinar. But for Dalinar to give up his own sword for Kaladin and the rest of the slaves. Sadeas won hard
  6. I did and I didn't, I knew that he would betray him sometime I just didnt think it would be so savagely lol, just abandoning him when he is surrounded by the enemy, though that is not as bad as stabbing him in the back at a feast lol. he is a interesting character, I feel like he is quite complicated/complex, even though he does want power, he wants it because he thinks he knows whats best for elothkar(his country), he kinda reminds me of tywin lannister.
  7. Ive read kaladin and szeths first fight, and what a fight, and szeth wow, i knew he was strong but he made a fool out all 3 (kaladin, Dalinar and Adolin), even 3 vs 1, he just mugged them all of lol, and he would of won if Kaladin didnt scare him off with his surgebinder powers. it was also pretty sick when Kaladin healed his dead arm, its gonna make his fights with shardbearers a little bit more interesting know he only has to watch out for blows that will kill him.
    Ive read quite a bit of book two already and so far I am enjoying it alot, im upto either part 3 or 4, I cant remember which one but the last chapter is when shallan arrived at the plains.

    Aha Henry Cavill, what a legend.

    **** me 1000 character limit is **** lol
    and it censored my words lol
  8. Damn - my man. Did you expect the betrayal from Sadeas by the way? And what did you think of him. I really like Adolin as well.

    I guess you'll have to wait and see.

    This insta post is for you
  9. Yep I feel like I'm gonna finish the second book alot quicker, I've already read part 1 lol. I can't believe that Jasnar has been killed, I never expected that, especially not this early in the story, I thought that she might of trained Shallan for a bit longer, at least until they got to the shattered plains though it's gonna be interesting to see what happens to Shallan now and how Jasnars family reacts.
    And Kaladin, I wonder what he's gonna do when he comes face to face with the guy who stole his shardblade and killed his squad.

    Yeah that's right szeth was given a mission to kill Dalinar, so he is heading to the shattered plains too, I can see it now, szeth Vs Kaladin, please let it happen lol, it will be immense.
  10. I'm happy you enjoyed it man, the whole series is an experience. And let me just tell you the second book is on a whole other level - it's honestly unbelievable. When I read the first book I was like there's no way this is getting topped. The first book is like the appetiser, second book he's delivering the main course lmao.

    When Sadeas betrayed Dalinar and he accepted his fate and decided to die fighting alongside his son. Genius betrayal from Sadeas, I didn't even expect it lmao. And then Kaladin makes u-turn and rescues them, my lord what a read. And the fact he's going toe to toe with shard bearers. The ending as well, I was wondering what would happen and then Dalinar gives up his shard blade for the bridge teams. Did Taravangian give Szeth another mission at the end?

    And you're right as well, the whole unprecedented move of giving dark eyes people that much is gonna be sick to read about.
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