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  1. He has stored the lightning but it hasn't buffed him just yet.
  2. Hey was the guardian's armor powered by Indra's lightning?
  3. Check CoD if you want to do something.
  4. Also do feel free to give me feedback if I'm doing something incorrectly. :P

    It is always appreciated.
  5. Very well. I'll do just that :P
  6. In the meantime, start thinking of what you can do to improve that area of the forum.
  7. Yeah, you must give me 5m beri.

    Nah, I'm just waiting for permissions. He forgot to edit those, so I'm effectively a Super Mod with a red banner. Same goes for p20.
  8. Do I need to do anything to apply or are you going to talk to psp first?
  9. Eh it's fine I took wood release.
  10. Uhmm I assume it could be implemented under misc talent.

    Basically you pick misc talent and request to have a curse seal supplementary.
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