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  1. If you still want to continue. Go from here. I took the liberties of continuing your path without you since you took longer than I expected. :/
  2. I saw but I haven't had Internet at my house for like 3 days or so because the area has some sort of problem and they haven't fixed it yet. (I'm at work atm)

    Dunno when I'll get it back. Should be a few days. Anyhow if Rin posts and I haven't posted, just skip me this round.
  3. I posted in COD btw.
  4. Thanks
  5. Happy birthday. ~
  6. I updated cod btw
  7. He has stored the lightning but it hasn't buffed him just yet.
  8. Hey was the guardian's armor powered by Indra's lightning?
  9. Check CoD if you want to do something.
  10. Also do feel free to give me feedback if I'm doing something incorrectly. :P

    It is always appreciated.
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