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  1. It's cool, that's why I mentioned in the ooc so that ichi doesn't get the wrong idea from your post is all.
  2. wasn't aware of that. But it shouldn't change my post. Jin doesn't know who Odin is anyway so.
  3. Italics are my thoughts..
  4. You can even turn the electronic perk into an advanced technique
  5. No problem mane. It's not a lot but it's effective when you grab ahold of someone. Works well with the mane as you can paralyze/electrocute them while turning into them
  6. Aight, thanks man.
  7. I knew I didn't save it to myself but it was in the bio thread so I had to look and so I found it.
  8. Hey man do you still have that electro list? I remember you had a bunch of techniques for it. Would you be up for it to share it with me? :O
  9. I sent you a friend request under the username rare_tina
  10. You can even use max discipline/strength on Sunbreaker since they nerfed the special kinda bad it's still good though cause with Simmering flames you can sit on your super and cut the time to charge your melee and grenades by half. So max strength and Discipline will give you a really good neutral game
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