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  1. I posted in Ichi's quest.
  2. I'll just change my post to going after one instead of both
  3. Well from what I gathered from Ichi's post. We're moving forward through the balcony. So we have to ignore those below and move towards the laboratory through the balcony entrance.

    I wasn't aware of the numbers there so I just picked that I fought with one of them. You could direct attention to the other one since Ichi referred to there being more than one guard.
  4. I saw lol. So you hit both the guards on top or what so I can change my post
  5. We posted at the very same time. :P
  6. It's cool, that's why I mentioned in the ooc so that ichi doesn't get the wrong idea from your post is all.
  7. wasn't aware of that. But it shouldn't change my post. Jin doesn't know who Odin is anyway so.
  8. Italics are my thoughts..
  9. You can even turn the electronic perk into an advanced technique
  10. No problem mane. It's not a lot but it's effective when you grab ahold of someone. Works well with the mane as you can paralyze/electrocute them while turning into them
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