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  1. Hey, I posted in GR, but there's a chance I didn't understand Touma's update correctly. Just let me wrong if I misunderstood something or assumed wrong
  2. That makes a lot more sense. I will edit.
  3. The friends part, Lodric meant the guards you left behind earlier :P
  4. That sounds fair to me
  5. I'll just set it in my posts whether or not Touma can see characters. I've been doing so from the start. I'll only make those you can't see new characters that are part from the story. Excluding enemies since that'd downplay your fruit quite a bit.
  6. If you don't want him to see the new chara, I'll just make it so Touma isn't using his power. Not like Giro is a passive fruit.
  7. Eh it's just that I'm about to reveal a character. But Touma in theory could see from miles away how they look like.

    It's why I'm asking.
  8. I didn't think it'd ever come up so I never really asked. Figured it'd be enough for an island and that's usually our setting for everything.
  9. What is the range of the Giro? Wiki says 4000km which I can assume is not the case in our little group :P
  10. Eh. I didn't really create it for that purpose. But let me think about it and see if I can squeeze it in somehow. Can't promise anything though.
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