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  1. Happy new year to you too buddy.
  2. Happy new year buddy
  3. As much as I wanted to I overestimated the amount of stuff I'm in currently. So yeah go with Gara, besides I think the GR adventures are supposed to be one on one ordeals.

    My apologies.
  4. Hey bro, we still doing that grand line thing or do I proceed with Garra alone?

    You post next because you know what you need to post to set the story line on its path. Garra will post after.
  6. Really weird. But oh well, it's fixed so that's all that matters.
  7. I did nothing, it just fixed itself o.o
  8. That's odd. Did you do anything differently? Or did Chrome or w/e got itself together all of a sudden?
  9. hmm, it got fixed all of a sudden

  10. Were those browsers already installed on your laptop? Or did you do that after you got the error?

    Cause if they were already installed when you tried it the cache is already stored. For now, you need to try it with a completely clean browser. Cause if that one gives issues there fault lies somewhere entirely different I think.

    Did you try it with Opera?
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