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  1. Hey sorry for the late reply. Yeah I agree with you man it kills the game, I think they need to use that VAR thing to call out dives.

    Croatia vs England was disappointing but Croatia I have to admit seemed like they were the hungrier team. I lowkey wanted them to win the final because they showed so much heart during the course of the world cup. but man lmao france is too OP man wtf. I wonder how Neymar's gonna feel when he goes back to Paris and everything's about Mbappe. Imagine leaving barca to get away from Messi's shadow only for him to go right underneath Mbappe's lool.

    And how you feel about Ronaldo leaving for Juve? I think the RM president violated Ronaldo tbh. Imagine putting up nearly 10 years of elite goal numbers every season, then the one time you show a bit of weakness they get rid of you. That Florentino Perez is absolutely ruthless
  2. yeah, I do agree that they should go down if they do get fouled but not roll on the floor for ten minutes or holding your face when it wasn't touched to get someone sent off, that sort of **** ruins football for me. me too but mainly because i think that they would be easier oppenents in the final lol plus mbappe terrifies me, he just keeps on getting better with every game i see him play and like you said KDB, hazard and lukaku have been playing sick but mbappe outshone them all.

    its gonna be amazing, Modric is defo up there with the best, he is just an great all around player he most probably is the best, he is immense going forward and defending, he has it all.
  3. Lool yeah Neymar was over the top tbh. But it feels like if players like Neymar don't dive they won't get calls since they're always targeted. Like Hazard yesterday deserved a couple of free kicks yesterday but he didn't get since he didn't dive and play around like Mbappe. I was hoping for Belgium to go through man, KDB, Lukaku and Hazard have all been sick.

    So pumped for today's game, it's gonna be tough. Modric is an absolute monster, I think for me he's the best midfielder in the world right now.
  4. yep, its been great seeing them get knocked out, especially Brazil, Neymars theatrics were becoming tiresome. it was also good seeing Russia doing so well too. yeah, Mbappes performance against Argentina is the best performance from someone all tournament, he was on fire. France vs Belgium is going to be amazing, my bet is that Belguim will win and then go on to win the tournament, I would love England to do it, that would be amazing but I cant see it, our game against Croatia is going to be really tough but I think we will win it in extra time, but even if we don't, we have done amazingly and the lads should be proud for how far they have gotten.
    But if it does come home, just imagine the scenes, it will be mayhem lol.
  5. Hey good to hear man. And lmao the world cup has been great, all the small teams have been putting in work. Seeing Germany, Spain get knocked out lmfaooo. Mbappe's been a joy to watch as well, only 19 and already a superstar wtf. I'm looking forward to France vs Belgium, it's gon be a blockbuster.

    But man, looks like it's coming home!!!!
  6. That's good to hear mate. I'm doing good, bored AF though lmao at least he world cup has been exciting, you been watching it too? Thanks hitting 30 was a bit weird aha, but I had an awesome bday thanks, but I was feeling it the next day lol.
  7. Ahh damn. And thanks for asking, I've been great man. What about you? And happy late birthday, how was it.
  8. I haven't, the app that I was using accidentally got deleted so I lost my point I got up to, I've redownloaded the app and I know that I didn't read much of it so I'm just gonna start it again when I can be bothered though lmao.
    What you been upto anyway?
  9. Hey no worries bro, my bad about the long reply as well. Got caught up.

    Did you manage to finish book 3 or nah
  10. Hey sorry about the delayed reply, life just got the best of me lol. I haven't even read anymore either, the last bit I did read is when Kaladin just left his villiage after returning thier to warn them of the voidbringers, so I'm still aways off finishing it, hopefully I'll get back into it in the coming days.

    Yeah I think you are right, I can imagine you recommending me Vikings off GoT. Don't forget the rest lol, you recommended a ton of shows lol, most of them awesome though, and most of them I'm still watching lol.

    Yeah, it's a shame it is going to end like this, I did think it was going down hill but I still think it deserves an awesome ending which I can't see happening with out Frank. Though what can you do, Kevin Spacey ended up being dodgy and he was rightfully sacked.

    Same universe? Sick. I'll definitely be reading some of his other stuff while I wait for the next book.
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