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  1. lol,yes all from the site have covers but i always liked pretty ones so i looked for good artists to make them))
    that why i like the site, gives a nice aspect to them

    hm,welli guess someday, atm working to translate some of my stories in my language aswell

    lol u might walk in a stick until

    yeah it is, but once u find is great

    lol,meant work, HOME, work....forgot the commathere
    in short: i'm a boriing woman )))

    ok nap time is 23:35 here for sure not a night owl)
  2. lol, ya i used to write, still do...most are uploaded on wattpad
    in my fav english-romanian )) grammar

    aww that is good you manage, finding a job is hard

    nothing much work,home work...and bit outwith my friends
  3. I think your work was great. I remember that you used to write stories. I'd love to read some of them if possible.

    I've been doing good. Finally managed to get a job after years of searching. It feels good to earn your own money.

    How about you? Anything new after all this time?
  4. how u been?
  5. Hm, wasn't that good, but rarely i work now,last piece i made a banner for one of my stories, i now focuse more on the writing
    but i do covers for wattpad books ...not great although
  6. Yeah. About almost a decade I think. Are you still working on graphic design? I remember you were really good.
  7. HELLOthere,yes i remember a Vegetto, but been likeages ago ...damn...years sure fly by O.0
  8. I'm not sure if you remember me, but we met in AC a long time ago.
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