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  1. 1. It could.
    2. Yes to an extent, since it's a measure of durability.
    2b. I believe we said that's what we're going with. Been a while since it's been brought up.
  2. Hoping you could asnwer two questions.

    1) I plan on using white fire (haki tech). Would white fire melt regular metals? From my research white fire is 9k F, and steel is 2.75k F.
    2) Would the grade of a sword increase its resistance to fire? Like say a Saijo O Wazamono. On a related note: though this is canon, I wanted to make sure - would haki protect steel-based weapons (like Shanks did not get burned blocking Akainu's magma fist)?
  3. Letting you know I'll be taking over as GM for the IC that Yukiko is GMing in CoD for me, Guren and Reji. She became inactive. Just so you know for the next rewards, should the story continue.
  4. Called in a Buster Call in Amervale. I have one I bought from Marine shop so long ago. It'll take a while for it to get to the island. I'll let you RP when/how it goes down, so it doesn't interfere with anything you have planned.

    I'll be RPing Genysis side of it all, naturally. Marine Buster Call is yours. Hope this is okay.
  5. Yes. It's just more limited in the sense that there's only 2 Haki categories; whereas FS can have more.
  6. Does haki class work the same way as profession class? As in, you get bonus points for each FS/haki that you have invested in?
  7. That's fine.
    You can if you can can secrete in a decent amount.
  8. Thanks. Ellie also just approved the heated haki perk. Last thing for approval, promise.

    Blue-ringed Octopus Venom [Wiki Resource: link]
    Commander Sensui's venom is a major neurotoxin that causes nausea, respiratory arrest, heart failure, severe and sometimes total paralysis, blindness, and eventually death. In our setting, the poison causes partial paralysis in the area induced, general nausea after one post, blindness after two posts, respiratory arrest after four posts, and total paralysis in five posts. The merman is also resistant to a variety of poisons.

    (can I fill a Water Dial with my posion?)
  9. There was really only one post with Odin in it. I can give you +1, but that's about it. The money is already covered in the overall.

    Hmm, if it's just heated Haki, I guess it can be approved as a perk.
    The steam itself won't be controllable or really anything more than Aesthetic.
  10. Hey, I didn't get any stat rewards on Onin again, who was part of SSP-transylvania with Lord Rings Seizan. Let me know if this is an oversight, or not. Thanks!

    Also, I was thinking of heated armor as a Bushoku perk. Wanted your thoughts. We've seen Luffy use his haki to ignite his arm and use it to create an explosion of fire. Full disclosure, there is split authority whether it was a combination of Gear Second that made this effect. Instead, the perk I'm proposing is to have the armor heated, with steam and all, to melt objects on contact. Stone as max, which includes skin. As an added explanation, my character's will is so passionate, it burns. (cool analogy)
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