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  1. I should be able to post tomorrow after work if all goes well. If not, I might be fired and then I'll have plenty of free time to post.
  2. You got dis! Good luck tomorrow!
  3. Thanks. It's kinda tough because I'm not sure where things stand at work. I've got a meeting Monday morning, so hopefully I can get a handle on things then. Already having difficulty with one of my shifts because the two on it just seem to hate each other and I'm not sure what to do or what I can even try to do.My manager isn't exactly helpful either, kinda hands off. Sometimes wish I hadn't taken up the mantle of supervisor, but I know I can't just be a regular guard tucked into a night shift for the rest of my life.

    But I love using Johnny and am really enjoying FoS, so I'll try to keep up with it.
  4. Also, send me a quick VM if you need time to post. I know your job has been stressful lately, and that comes first. I can easily bunny-hop if you VM me!

    Hope the - slow-asf - RP has been entertaining thus far! The big reveal, I promise, will blow your mind - it was made for specifically for Johhny
  5. Just wanted to throw some confidence your way for this last fight, given your posts in OCC.

    Youíve been doing super great, probs the best overall, and that last post was beaut. Donít be discouraged by how hard itíll be; this is the end game - itís supposed to be a gamble on whether yíall will win or not.

    But you got dis!
  6. I'll try tonight.
  7. Post in FoS :O
  8. I'll have Johnny pay attention as the plot continues.
  9. Target the glowing mouth, yeah. But Johnny wasn't watching Leanne's fight, so he didn't see how she dealt with it so he's been fighting it like any other creature of fleah and blood. But since it wasn't working and he nearly got crushed to death, plus since the hall is literally starting to collapse, I wasn't sure I'd able to take it down quick enough so I decided to flee instead.

  10. For the sake of the story, I kept going, but there was only one way to defeat the Wotan-monster; his weakness. See if you can trace the last 2-3 posts that were for you, cause I hinted towards the weakness quite often, hoping you caught on. In the future, the small details will be determinative.

    Let me know if you can find it!
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