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  1. I think someone changed it
  2. Hey, you still got the password to the sage account?
  3. Its like the game is great, graphics are great, it runs smoothly. Nothing wrong with the game itself, its just incredibly short. And no story developement. They don't explain characters like chico and paz and only one mission is actually relative to any type of story. That all would be fine if the dang price wasn't as high for it
  4. I heard two sides to this, I still want it cause I am a MGS nut, but I don't want to pay for a two hour game.
  5. Don't get ground zeroes. Its a waste of money >_>
  6. FF? or DxD? (cause DxD I think I told you I was about to watch the anime (which I did)
    but it seem like there was low activity already and you didn't update it as much.

    So I thought you gave up on it.

  7. OH! I seem to remember a time when I asked you to join an rp of mine

    Just kidding lol, I'll give it a look
  8. its up to you I try to make it understandable for those who had no knowledge of it as well. I have someone participating in it who also knows nothing of HxH and going off the wiki for it.

    But on a side note you should watch HxH its a great anime
  9. Lol yeah he did but i know nothing about HxH
  10. Seems like bomb got to you already lmao
    I was gonna ask if you want to try joining my Hunter x Hunter RP
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