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  1. Awww how sweet, you came around and wished me. TY <3
    Even though I'm like almost a month late LOL!
  2. Happy Birthday.
  3. That looks delicious, I really want a bite of it xD
    Thanks omega <3 :"D
  4. Happy Birthday, nelkk.

  5. I thought that it was too grandiose so I took the confetti back.
  6. ThankS~
    But the confetti's gone : (
  7. Happy birthday. Enjoy the onscreen confetti.
  8. uh huh, alright thanks for letting me know~
    I haven't seen the last two episodes anyways so won't come into the thread for a while more.
  9. A user doesn't explicitly spoil anything, but if you are moderately intelligent you will put the pieces together. It's best to just skip those pages if you don't want to be spoiled.
  10. Oh hey thanks, but what do they have? Spoilers?
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