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  1. You're up next in the raffle.
  2. lol Sure
  3. On second thought, I might have something.
  4. Alright. Carry on.
  5. I don't even have a song in mind to play. I was just posting.
  6. Your number in the raffle thread is 369.
  7. Still, not an easy feat.

    My worst fear materialized.
  8. The Mavericks didn't have a choice. They got too relaxed down the stretch. I thought they closed it out terribly.

    Harden told Parsons to cover Lillard because he was too lazy to and it ended with a buzzer beater win for the Trail Blazers.
  9. I think Harden should have stepped up a little more too. He fed Dwight for 5 or so consecutive possessions. Respect for the Mavs for fighting that close out game, against the Spurs no less.
  10. I saw it. If Dwight would have hit his free throws, the Rockets could have forced a game 7. The Mavs almost blew that last minute in the fourth too.
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