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  1. I honestly don't know how much I have, I brought this same issue up when I rejoined and never could get an answer about it.

    All I do know is that when I returned I spent 1mil for a character reset (Which I managed to find through looking through the tracker to make sure I had at least that much.)

    So I'll let you make the call on how much you think I should have, 2,450,000 or 450,000. I won't complain either way.
  2. I'm updating the tracker for ft and faize left me with a problem for you
    You are down twice. One profile you have 0 Jewels. he other you have 3mil lol. <_< I trust you. How much do you have? You are getting 450,000 and metal
  3. I'm making a post now to introduce the npc. It's fighting the first round

    Thank you sir
  4. Sure, I can do that
  5. Dashie, would you control a fairytail npc
  6. Faize can tackle the hidden event if he wants. I can jam to either outcome.
  7. Yo dash. Faize said he'd go first for Sanctuary guild but if you don't do the hidden event, you are in the battle part against Robin Ironic since we were talking about it lmao. Sooo if you try to change his mind, and you compete, then well katsuko wont fight Robin and another member of the sanctuary team will. if you don't care, then I'll let faize know
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