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  1. Beggar will try again
  2. Hey, the 2nd day of the GMG is going to start soon. Idk if you want Beggar to volunteer for the hidden event this time or not. So if not, let Sea, Taco and Shingen know. And ask them if they want to volunteer. If not, then we'll send the npc
  3. I'll look into it. GOtta head out to meet up with my girlfriend. We gotta take our baby to his appointment
  4. Oh ok. If you ever get bored with nothing to do, I'd appreciate it if you could look and use ones you like. O.o
    I plan to have one for each section on the master thread where there's a picture. Then one for each of the other "Sticky'ed" threads
  5. Take your time. When you find what you need, send it to meh
  6. Posted In the master thread

    Also trying to find good pics to use so I can sent them to you but its more difficult than I anticipated
  7. I posted mah Bio and edited my post in the Master Thread... It's a custom magic, so if you have any questions or disapproval, lemme know, I have like 3 back up plans
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