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  1. sorry i didn't know i needed to do that. guess i should remember doing that.
  2. btw i freaking hate AF pm ) you need to free some space
    good night dear...leaving bit early tonight o.o
  3. hehe laterz.

    had that feeling with the Dgraymen.
    a few things the jumped. but the best things they kept in. like the ramen part to see that one in anime style hilarious
  4. ok dear gtg...must COOK dinner
  5. lol
    d-gray man was just few chapters more like 1 arc ) i think were like between 10-15 chapters not sure though
    ya, but they jump few stuff i liked in those 4 chaprters and got me pouting lol
  6. seems so,
    but for the first 4 chapters isn't it too bad,

    unlike Dgrayman who did an anime over 100 chapter within 12 epsodes
  7. yup that one the 30 minutes animation
  8. I mean Noblesse the Awakining.
  9. yes i know, issuper rushed couldn't even watch it annoyed me lol
    ahhh so behind noblesse i'm o.o
  10. yea,

    had to read up also on Noblesse and Red Storm. even had slackt on Shokugeki No Soma and Kingdom.
    oh did you know there was an movie of Nobblesse
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