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  1. and a month later dany rweplies
    pretty good i must say,nothing much but great
  2. Dany : o How you been?
  3. Well I prefer Vyk over her but it's whatever since neither of them are talking to me/responding to me. D:
  4. i perfect know that hehe
    she replied
    seems has same issue with vyk like me
  5. I see D:
    Well I don't like wing
  6. he wen't on hiatus also
    well we might have a different opinion but tge rest no
    i told wing that i'm pissed on vyk how she acts toward mnf or so
    no reply yet :/
  7. Not arguing that it will but idc about it. Btw John's not replying
  8. lol are others which still think will be up
    plus need my stuff
    can't die yet
  9. I saw your comment on fb, the site can die for all I care lol
  10. oh i see
    you're right
    well off
    so tired o.o
    and barely 9
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