Going back to school :p

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I am going back to school. Night school that is considering I have a full time day job. Decided life is too short to not do better for myself. It's a career institute and I'm going to learn medical billing and coding. I have always wanted to work in the medical field. I am tired of working for nothing and making nothing. I really encourage those who think they can wait, to go to school and get it out of the way! Never too late.

This will give me more opportunities to work where ever. I am not tied to one thing or one place. I like the idea of being able to move from city to city or even state to state. Meaning I dont have to stay here if I don't want to. My daughter is so excited for me. She is proud that I have decided to go back.

What I like about this is that I can work for doctors, hospitals, lawyers. I prefer hospitals though. This is a big deal for me because it's been a life long dream to work in medical. I may not be a doctor or nurse but the fact that I can still be part of it is so exciting for me. I could even work in my pj's at home if I wanted

Anyway long road ahead. Should take 12 months to complete so I will be a bit busy. I am nervous too because I hope that I am smart enough to do it. Wish me luck!
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  1. Darc-star's Avatar
    good luck! you can do it!

    im so jealous, i wish i could learn something new
    ive thought about it, but i cant learn anything in japanese, and tbh, i hate studying >.<
    but knowing that you can improve yourself and change your lifestyle is amazing
  2. melody of dead.deanders's Avatar
    i'm really glad about you.. many people would not dare to do the same.. just don't give up..
  3. Kaname's Avatar
    You all are so sweet to be supportive like that <3 I love the idea that Im doing something that makes me feel good about myself and that my daughter is so proud of me. Just wanting to also set an example for her too.