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Calling the AF artists

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First, hello there all been a good time done a blog.

Second, I'm alive still

I need 3 banners, to be placed before the chapter aswhom the POV will be instead of I writing

"xxx" POV...will be the banner and each to include a gif as well

The images, gifs, idea, text on will be delivered by e of course, but because I been for a long time away do not rember who can work with gifs in signatures for example

The story is an horror and already has two very raw parts meh soon to be edited lol, this time is about spiders

800x300 the size [will get smaller as i will upload onthe chapter page like this]


Sadly I still wait the cover on the artist i requested..since a month ago :/ lol

Anyone??? ;o
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  1. Dany's Avatar
    nobody? ok i'll ask on fb on the site page "walks sad out"