SaA Has a Stream to :D , pay attetion to me dammit >:O

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Heres my stream :O

go watch me stream games and sh*t

Probably only going to really stream during the Night, for the US

so i guess for you foreigners it will be during the day

Watch me or else >:O

i shall find you and do things to do :O

mean things >:O very mean things like call you names, and steal your lunch money >

also i started doing youtube vids to recently :O

go watch that aswell

Shameless Self Promotion
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  1. imnoo's Avatar
    Lel your superhot first ep xD and I thought I was a slow learner xD
    That's a nice hobby. Hope you get more viewers n.n
    Updated 04-26-2016 at 10:12 AM by imnoo