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Well I have been busy. Got married 2 days ago so now I am a married woman! Third times a charm
He is from the Philippines some of you may know. I didn't think it would happen. I did have some doubt but no more. I'm glad he likes Asian dramas but doesn't get into anime except for DBZ (why do guys like that one? o.O)

Anyway...that is all.
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  3. Dany's Avatar
    congrats hun
  4. Lord Irvine's Avatar
  5. Kaname's Avatar
    Thank you all for the congrats! I still feel it to be unreal.
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  7. SaA's Avatar
    just dont murder him and become a cannabile , human meat tastes awful
  8. Erebus's Avatar
    Why do we like DBZ lol
  9. Darc-star's Avatar
    best wishes!!
    third time though? =0
    any pictures, if you dont mind sharing? =3

    actually, we got kinda married this month too, we applied early this month, and after chasing it up, were told we were accepted ^.^
    but we havent had the wedding yet, so while its official, it doesnt feel real yet, haha

    and yea, cant really understand dragon ball... like... its ok for kids, but...
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    Congratulations, Kaname-san!
  12. HAVA-RAVA's Avatar
    Congratulations ^^
    Come to Drama Chat more often ^^
  13. wicked liz's Avatar
    Congrats, my cousin also got married for the third time this weekend XD

    Best of luck to you!

    Guys like DBZ because it's GAR and simple. You meet, you fight, you chill out. Men!
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  16. Kaname's Avatar
    So I have been a bit busy these days. But I wanted to say thanks for all the congrats I have received! He is a great guy and I am so glad I found him.
  17. theOrator's Avatar
    Congratulations on your nuptials! Hope this one is long and fruitful.
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