God, are these two series overrated

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So I finished watching Stranger things and started westworld and damn are they disappointing.

Stranger things was somewhat alright in the beginning, but it soon became lackluster.
Westworld is so damn snail paced that it kills you, I'd could see past the pace if they made a somewhat interesting plot, but the thing is it isn't going anywhere.
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  1. Miyamoto's Avatar
    I can somewhat relate, I've been watching sopranos lately since its supposed to be the the greatest tv series of all time. Currently at season 3 and is borderline decent so far :/
  2. -Omega-'s Avatar
    The appeal of Stranger Things is the nostalgia factor. It's an nice blend of Spielberg movies and 80s tropes with modern cinematography. Plus, the child actors aren't horrendous. It may be overrated, but I don't think by much. I more-or-less got exactly what I was expecting.
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  3. Stormcrusher94's Avatar
    The actors in ST aren't horrendous, but the characters are, except for Dustin I wanted everyone else to die.

    I've also just finished Westworld, the twist at the end was kind of unexpected, even though it was hinted through-out the series. I still stand by my statement it being slow, towards the end it picked up and things finally started to get explained/revealed. While I still think it is overrated I don't think that by too much (I'd give a 7.5/10). Then again I don't watch too many shows real people to correctly judge.
  4. pumpkinbread21's Avatar
    I agree on Westworld. Way overrated.

    I enjoyed Stranger Things mostly because of the 80's factor and all the homages to past horror films but it isn't anything groundbreaking.