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So, a buddy and I have recently decided to start streaming on Twitch. We are going under the name SageNtheRage. We plan to stream every Saturday at 7:30PM Central Standard Time. We we also being doing sporadic streams throughout the week. Come check us out some time. Currently we are playing through Castle Crashers and we plan to do other games as well. My friend is also going to be streaming himself playing World of Warcraft and I will also likely be starting a solo series on the channel, suggestions welcome.


Also, feel free to follow us on twitter @SageNtheRage

Updated 06-07-2017 at 06:14 AM by Rainbow Dash

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  1. pistachio20's Avatar
    Are you the Sage or the Rage?
    My guess is Rage.
  2. Rainbow Dash's Avatar
    I am the Sage, the other guy is The Rage.
  3. Rainbow Dash's Avatar
    My friend (Rage) is going to be streaming Doom (2016) at 7:00 PM Central Time tonight (Roughly 4 hours from now) Come check it out!
  4. Blooddrunk's Avatar
    Follow me too: deezmeme