Feel old yet?

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AC would've been 10 years old this year. Time sure flies.

Pour one up for everyone who been part of this community, wherever they are, working or studying, married or single, alive or... dead.

Stay blessed everyone.
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  1. Jinzo's Avatar
    August 2009, its been a wild one.
  2. Kaname's Avatar
    It's been awhile for me as well. Joined in 2009. I sure miss the old days. So much drama at that time. Being trolled was always fun especially by Zyketh. Silly boy really. Glad to know some did grow up over the years including me
  3. TheViperman's Avatar
    Managed to find my AC profile on the "Webarchive", so I can say it was exactly August 18th, 2009... xD
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