Kun's Adventure in the U.S.

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Been here a week now and, by popular demand, here are the things I've discovered so far:

- You can get pizza literally everywhere
- Beef jerky is the greatest thing on the face of the planet
- Americans can't drink
- Bars close earlier than I expected
- Americans are very proud, whether it's their community, their favorite team, or their country; they take pride in it. This is not a bad thing, but a fun thing.
- They're very curious and friendly, but very unaware of the outside world
- Huge emphasis on being involved in the community and playing sports
- It's super easy to get a date/hookup as a European (huge plus)

My quest continues.
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  1. Stormcrusher94's Avatar
    Ventures to America then.
  2. Zenacalelith's Avatar
    "Beef jerky is the greatest thing on the face of the planet"
    have you heard of

  3. Kaname's Avatar
    Awesome! Welcome to America!
  4. Lord Irvine's Avatar
    Pizza is the best, so of course you'd be able to get it anywhere. Have fun!
  5. Morpheus's Avatar
    100% agreed about the pizza. I am a new grad student in MA, and there's free pizza literally everywhere!

    ... I'm almost sick of eating free pizza, but not having to cook is a good treat