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I know it has been awhile. Some may not even know me or even remember me. But 2017 was a hell of a ride! Hurricane and snow? All in the same year! Yea it is a big deal in Texas. My husband and I are doing good. Started watching Hellsing...but seriously need to finish. I have been watching more Asian dramas then anything else. Anyway...Happy New Year!

Updated 01-13-2018 at 02:44 AM by Kaname

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  1. FireclawX's Avatar
    No freaking way. It's Kaname!
  2. Dany's Avatar
    i still can't stand the Asian dramas
  3. Stone-Free's Avatar
    Happy New Year Kaname. Good to see ya.
  4. Kaname's Avatar
    @Fire...oh hush child

    @Dany...really? I think they are awesome. Some make me laugh and then cry xD

    @Stone...you came back? Or was that another site >.> lol its's great seeing you too^^