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Hey thereeeeeee yoo hoo ~

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wauw literally come back after I dont remember when was the last time Im log in on this website seeing all the thread literally dying is sad.. But hyeeee its life isnt it? Letttt seee hmmm tons of drama threadsss.. more OP stuff oh uhh some manga/manhwa thread... uhh there actually tons of thread still alive that I didnt notice lel... But at least the website still alive and that is good desu umu~! Most important AF the only place that have all this ridiculous cactus emoji lmaoo 10/10 cant find all of these anywhere unless someone put it on LINE Sticker lul.. but ugh fcking photobucket keep doing their shitee and it was bad.. terribad.. time to change website for picture storage D; well old stuff r old anyway.. even kids these day dont even know dafuq is Myspace and that was something.. but srsly dafuq is Myspace?

Well dats all for my rant? or something anyway I mean havent do blogging since forever backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk in the AC blog spam like best part of it lmaoo.. fck everything just blog, see some shitpost comment > delete lel cuz fu with ur opinion dis mah blog lmaoo.. *sigh* well this make me feel old now D; cuz I am.. well at least I can die in peace QAQ so heyya and latataa ~ thanks dealing with my stupidity stuff and arseholeness attitude lul.. cuz where else I can do all demns stuff if not here since I need to put happy happy mask on RL.. ugh socialize still painful y world yyyyy?!?!?!? kill me already
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  1. Stone-Free's Avatar
    Welcome back Revy bae
  2. K9VoidSlash's Avatar
    o hi c:
  3. Revy Ragnarok's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Stone-Free
    Welcome back Revy bae
    y r u even here :U
  4. Revy Ragnarok's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by K9VoidSlash
    o hi c:
    hoiii ~
  5. Stone-Free's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Revy Ragnarok
    y r u even here :U
    Why wouldn't I be here? I love this place.
  6. Mr Zero's Avatar
    This made you feel old? I joined AC 10 years ago. D::: I'm practically a walking corpse. >>"

    But yeah, you're old, I remember that username. :O
  7. Kurotoki's Avatar
    10 years!? Where has the years gone.
  8. MarianSony's Avatar
    welcome back
  9. Arcelie's Avatar
    ohh sht my bully back
  10. Vegetto741's Avatar
    I think I joined AC around 2009 and it was to argue about One Piece vs Bleach. Man, that seems like forever ago.

    Anyway, nice to see some old faces here again.