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4 eyes :(

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Solol at 31one i gave up.
Dany entered the glasses book club
myopia.-2 ar right, -1,75 at left
and dry eyes
o have a feeling for close can't see **** either o.0
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  1. Shikamaruuu's Avatar
    Glasses are kool <3
  2. Stormcrusher94's Avatar
    When I first read this, I though Dany was going crazy. Now I understand and welcome.
  3. Dany's Avatar
    lol, might gone crazy as well))
  4. Dany's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Shikamaruuu
    Glasses are kool <3

    i guess
  5. Lord Rin's Avatar
    One of us! One of us! One of us!
  6. Dany's Avatar
    lol, anyone wants dry eyes?
    i trade ))) mine