Off with a beautiful new year

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After another sleepless night playing games, I open YouTube to see if there are some interesting videos, and what do I get? 4 videos with the same context. Rants.

God damn the year has just started and he messes up the year already. That guy needs to get off YouTube and overall should be put in an institution, because what he did is just too disrespectful And shameless, not just to Japan, but any country/culture.
I had A few funerals behind me, friends and family, even to some people that i knew briefly and I've never been acting in such a disrespectful manner. I feel sorry for those gaijin that will now have even a harder time getting on same mutual respect either work or friend related.

Logan please just stop. We had enough of your bullcrap, his brother isn't any better.
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  1. Kurotoki's Avatar
    Yep the guy is a tool. Him and his brother
  2. Jiko Takuhaibin's Avatar
    Very unfortunate...
  3. Stormcrusher94's Avatar
    His other Japan videos aren't any better apparently, at least that is what Yuta says, but I won't go and watch them, because i don't want to give him any more views.