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Hey to those that remember me if any of you are still posting or lurking or whatever.

I'm not really sure how to talk about this but I felt like I should make a post.
Today is the anniversary of the day Lucian died. 3 long years.

With the site closing I felt like I should make something to commemorate him. He was a big part of this site. He was one of the first people to join. He was a moderator. And he was friend to just about everyone.

He was a great guy and what happened sucks. I think about it all the time and this time of year is really difficult for everyone that knew him. I know most people don't know what happened and I don't think any of us know everything but today was the day that the news story went on to YouTube. I can't find the original article anymore... I used to keep it open on my phone but... I've gone through a lot of phone's since then.
I guess, we should just not take life for granted and do the things that we want to do while we have the chance. Because he didn't get the chance. He didn't get to finish life is strange, he didn't get to play persona 5, or see how Game of Thrones finished or Dragon Age for that matter.

He didn't get to live.

So love the ones you love and do what you want to do. We'll miss you forever.
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  1. -Omega-'s Avatar
    Rest in Peace, Lucian.
  2. Stone-Free's Avatar
    I had no idea. Bless Lucian and his family and great message for one of the last blogs.
  3. Dany's Avatar
    Aww,i knew him and to tell the truth i still do not know what happen. All i know one day was around then silence and the news of his death was told to us
  4. Kurotoki's Avatar
    dang, well said Freya and stay strong
  5. Garra's Avatar
    Oh wow. I was actually curious about what happened to Lucian. I didn't realize he died. That is so sad. I enjoyed talking to him from time to time....

    Lucian... you were a cool dude... even though you are gone, you are never really gone. Get a good rest...
  6. FireclawX's Avatar
    Will always remember and miss him. We weren't the closest of friends, but I always enjoyed his sense of humor and his quick wit.
  7. Miyamoto's Avatar
    Lucian was a fun guy, I happened to get into persona because of him

    Rest in peace.