Fire Emblem

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Yee-oooh does anyone know anything about fire emblem or played it before? I was thinking about starting a Fire emblem rp, but I don't know how many people have actual experience with the game and would be interested in assisting me. Or maybe there are those who think that it isn't the right time to start another rp.
Lemme know o.o

Fingers crossed and whatnot
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  1. Zenacalelith's Avatar
    I have played Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones but that is it.
  2. Shuuichi_Akai's Avatar
    haven't played it yet D:
  3. pistachio20's Avatar
    I've played the beginning of Sacred Stones, half of shadow dragon, most of Path of Radiance, all of Rekka no ken and all of Awakening NOt really interested in an RP for it though tbh.
  4. Arcelie's Avatar
    Everyone wants to play FE:A but no one can/wants to buy a 3DS.
  5. Desuka Kira's Avatar
    Last time I played a Fire Emblem game, the GBA was brand new. >.>
  6. Reiji's Avatar
    I've only played Awakening, and still haven't finished it.