Kuroko no Basket RP

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Looks like we are up and ready earlier then I thought. Anyone who is interested. Feel free to join. Only 7 positions are open. Hope that those who join enjoy it.
The master thread:
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  1. kakashi19283's Avatar
    Well that's... unique. :O

    Good luck with this.
  2. Garra's Avatar

    I hope to have members show up
  3. Lucian Silver's Avatar
    Very interested in seeing how the actual games are going to be RPed... n.n
  4. Desuka Kira's Avatar
    I'll look it over tomorrow, Garra-bro.
  5. Desuka Kira's Avatar
    D: Double post!
  6. Rupu's Avatar
    ..Good luck sir I wish this success I guess
  7. Garra's Avatar

    I will do my best