How I Met Your Mother Series Finale Review

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First and foremost I am talking about the last episode of the series, so if its spoilers for you please look away, but if you don't care then read on.

Nine years ago, I first started to watch this series I found it awesome. I watched it night and day, 3-5 times per episode. Before people try finding plot holes for it and I always tried to protect the series. As I went along those nine years laughing, crying, enjoying each moment. But nope it was all for nothing when this last episode hit.

First we talking how it started, yes it started like any other HIMYM episode awesome and Legen...wait for it....dary, it was freaking awesome, ted was saying his goodbyes I am here sitting on my computer crying that ted was leaving, laughing at all the jokes again.

Then we found out Robin and Barney divorce here I am sad why this perfect couple will break up, barney going back to normal was also sad to see but funny, "The playbook II". WONDERFUL!

But this is where logic was kicked out to the sidelines, robin leaves the group and barely spend or hangout with them, you must be wondering why or saying this is normal since she can't be with her ex or a guy she loved with another women. But remember this till I talk about the last five minuets.

Now back to the normal Barney is the show in itself, when he has his baby that moment was legen... never wait for it again dary... since that is the moment when you will cry your eyes out, the moment barney acts like a real man. This part was by far the best scene in the whole series in my honest opinion.

Ted and Tracy were perfect for each other, there is none the could be better, this was the ending that everyone waited for, for nine freaking years. The build up, the emotion, the searching, the everlasting love romantic moments to lead to the most awesome ending ever... NOPE

Wife gets sick and she dies off screen, ted finishes story to his kids, they were unemotional and didn't waiver to any of the stories ted said, and they basically said "That's it? you made us sit here for that? mom wasn't even in the story 80% of the time."

No **** he was building up to that moment... kids again "I know this is about aunt robin you have the hots for her forget mom and ask her out. We love Aunt robin!" ??? wait you love her? she didn't spend time with her friends at all nor around you kids how do you know her that well?

The last ****ing five minutes ted basically went with ROBIN!!! The worse possible pair for him, they are toatlly not meant for each other.

The writers basically told us in that last five minutes... "lol you guys wasted nine years for nothing, that build up we did? yep it was just for robin. Her dogs? they are suppose to be all old and dead. the blue french horn? Ted stole it again just so you can find a reason to love these couple again after we made so many connections for ted to be with the real mother."

Good ****ing job, this series is now garbage in my eyes.

Story up till the last episode 8.9/10

story after the last five minutes - 0/10

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  1. Badshah's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure I threw up.
  2. theninjaskater's Avatar
    Biggest bs ever. Consumed with feels. Not good ones. Felt that pit in my stomach when they said the tracy died.
  3. Kuchiki Akiru's Avatar
    O_O *Not watching this series*
  4. Lucian Silver's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure I threw up on Bad.