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6 days of fire... only 1 month more to go

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Right, so for the past five days there has been a wildfire right on the outside of Sala, a city a few miles away from mine.
So far, the staff of the emergency services believed the fire to be out at the end of the month.
Apparently, it will take longer time than that.
Not only has there been extremely dry in the country during the past month, the current weather with strong and unpredictable winds and the occasional thunderstorms is also making it harder for the staff to deal with the problem.
So far, one person has died from the fire as well as one severely injured.
Two planes from France landed today on Västerås' airport, which will help to waterbomb the fire.
We're still waiting for the Italian planes stuck in Poland due to lousy weather.

As for me, considering that Sala is one of the closest neighboring cities to Västerås (my hometown), I did feel unease the last 2-3 days, seeing how fast the fire spread, not to mention that we have plenty of forests here.
This morning, I woke up to the smell of smoke.
At first I thought that the fire had indeed spread, though as it turns out, it was only the smoke that had.
Needless to say, having to go to the grocery store today wasn't fun, since you could see like less than 200 meters away, when it was at the worst.
Pretty much everyone (except for the unfortunate ones who had to go to work) stayed in their homes today.
Felt pretty much like living in a ghost town. Even the birds have left.

I really hope that they will keep the wildfire in check, and that it won't spread elsewhere.
It could be devastating for many, if it did.
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  1. -Omega-'s Avatar
    Stay vigilant.
  2. Darc-star's Avatar
    =0 scary, hope it ends soon
  3. BBomb's Avatar
    Hope everything turns out good
  4. italialex7's Avatar
    Hope help will come soon!
  5. Miyamoto's Avatar
    wow I hope the Emergency services can deal with the fires, and stay safe naam!
  6. Naam's Avatar
    Thank you all. Your comments are much appreciated.

    I will.

    So do I. The most scary part is the uncertainty, I think.

    So do I.

    The Italian planes have finally arrived,
    and it seems that while the fire's not in check yet, it is stable at the moment.

    They probably can, just that it will take another few weeks probably to put out the visible fire,
    and another few months to deal with the after-effects (since there's fire below ground as well).
    It is atm, about 15 kilometers worth of woods burning after all.
    Probably biggest wildfire we've had in Sweden in modern times.
    Ah, yes, I will. It's doubtful we will have to evacuate here where I live, but one can never be too certain.