Welp there goes my fate in humanity.

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A well known youtuber was streaming earlier today. And you know what his audience thought might be a good prank to do? Call the cops on him that there is a shooter located at his home which they found out somehow. A few minutes later you see this swat team bursting in his home taking him down. I can't begin to imagine what these people are thinking they're right down retarded.

I mean this is a youtuber that uses fake gun props for sketches. If the swat team had seen those guns they apparently would have opened fire immediately and put him full of lead without him even reacting. This is a prank that's slowly hyping up. I mean are there no consequences to this? I mean if I'd so such a thing I'd get prosecuted to hell here in Europe. I don't know the american law system so a bit of insight might be helpful.

Anyway to show you a piece of source here's the video. It might be taken down later so if it does please tell me and I'll add a newspaper source.

I had to vent this a little bit so yeh there we go.

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  1. Lord Rin's Avatar
    Actually yeah it'd be the same here. If they find out who made the call, they can be prosecuted, fined, and/or serve jail time.
  2. Prod's Avatar
    it's actually a growing trend, it's called getting SWATTED... someone called in a SWAT team during an MLG event recently... streamers are getting SWATTED all the time now... : /
  3. Chopsticks's Avatar
    He should be glad that he's know, naked or they might have shot him or something. But yea, it is a stupid prank and a waste of tax dollars, so whoever did the initial call can be fined and sued.
  4. Guren's Avatar
    Yeah I know it's being called swatted. I even find it ridiculous that there is a name for it since that proves it's getting more and more frequent. And I'm glad they can get prosecuted for it. Since I've read somewhere that since these tips they get are anonymous they can get away with it.
  5. old's Avatar
    pretty tasteless tbh
  6. Lord Rin's Avatar
    Welp apparently they may have already identified the caller. The person needs to get kneecapped with a crowbar I think.
  7. theninjaskater's Avatar
    WTF lol that sucks.
  8. ChocolateOgre's Avatar
    Kids should get a life. Do they even understand that someone could get seriously hurt?
  9. Shibuya's Avatar
    You do realise this is a time old prank? and its happened to many twitch tv people before, years ago?

    you would have thought the police would have learned a thing or two by then