I have a One Plus One Invite(disappears in 24 hours).

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So a few months ago I was searching for a phone to buy and after searching for some time I came across the one plus one. However I couldn't buy it at the time due them having an invite system before you can buy them, I know it's a retarded system. Anyway I signed up to them but I knew that such an invite would appear like five years later so I bought another phone and forgot about this one. With that I received an invite today but I can't use it since I already bought my phone so I'm searching for people interested in it since this a pretty exclusive phone imo. I'll see how much traffic this gets before I decide who gets the invite, if there is any interest in it.

For those that are interested in the specs:

Their official website:

Oh yeah the invite expires in 24 hours.
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  1. 3bada's Avatar
    Would have asked for it, but I'm waiting for the next Nexus before deciding
  2. Lirarin Rii's Avatar
    Well luckily u didn't get the new iphone bend.
  3. melody of dead.deanders's Avatar
    what's with people and phones..? i'm just about to get a new one in a few days..