I have returned... And Education in 'murica sucks...

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I'm back! Then again... I doubt many of you care, so here's something you might care about more...

Education in 'murica sucks. The amount of paperwork and preparation to get into college is absurd. Hours upon hours of community service, plus straight A's in the hardest of classes, and did I mention that you also have to be involved in ALL THE CLUBS!?

Honestly, it's almost like the only requirement to get in is to forgo any more than 3 hours of sleep a night... Even on weekends... FML

Anyway, I'll be seeing you guys around (though probably not as much) and I'm glad to (kinda) be back <3

PS. My banhammer is rusty... Someone go post pr0n in the CT

Updated 12-05-2014 at 12:10 AM by FireclawX

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  1. Darc-star's Avatar
    and sounds tough, it was a piece of cake in england, lol, good luck
  2. pistachio20's Avatar
    That's just to get into college. Imagine scholarships
  3. -Omega-'s Avatar
    PS. My banhammer is rusty... Someone go post pr0n in the CT
    What kind do like?
  4. Lord Rin's Avatar
    What the hell kinda college did you go to? Cuz yeah, our education sucks but rather it's because it's just crappy.
  5. Erebus's Avatar
    and that the easiest part of college
  6. Kurotoki's Avatar left? I didnt notice...anywho welcome back.
  7. UmaiHorse's Avatar
    Still waiting for a new tutorial :<
  8. Arcelie's Avatar
    the first year the hardest.
  9. melody of dead.deanders's Avatar
    'sup claw.. didn't even notice you were gone.. you know.. 'cause i'm here all the time doing stuff..
  10. naru's Avatar
  11. Arcelie's Avatar
    where's FIRESKULL??????
  12. Xway101's Avatar
    Yeah. Education in Murica is incredibly difficult. I'm in the same boat right now.
  13. Kurotoki's Avatar
    Hey, if your not going to be around as much, you should resign from being the Gfx mod and give it to someone who has the time, someone like naru.
  14. Kurai's Avatar
    I got into a uni in China pretty easily, just high school transcripts and had to write an essay for a partial scholarship.
  15. animeemey's Avatar