Member's Choice Awards revenge of the Sith

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More like White... but since white isn't showing up anymore on here and hasn't shown his face in awhile. If you read my past blog of MCA then you might have a guess what this will be?

Well you're all wrong :O
Its about my campaign of voting for the most attractive female... This year Undertaker gets my full attention.

Lets all vote for UT, animeflame's most attractive female!

Updated 12-20-2014 at 06:37 AM by Renshi52

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  1. Dany's Avatar
    revenge of the poop "

    i shall vote soon
  2. melody of dead.deanders's Avatar
    i thought this would be titled "revenge of the fallen one".. i'm disappointed in you renshi..
  3. Naam's Avatar
    "Revenge of the sith"? You a fan of Terry Goodkind's novels, or something?
  4. Renshi52's Avatar
    No I am a fan of star wars which s better
  5. Lucian Silver's Avatar
    Yeah, waste your votes on a dude. n.n No one will count them. :'D
  6. 3bada's Avatar
    Lucy, both female categories should be invalid, there are no girls on the Internet after all
  7. Renshi52's Avatar
  8. nelkk's Avatar