Japanese Street Racing... An interesting watch

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Saw this and thought it was pretty neat.

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  1. krislerr72's Avatar
    i would love a lambo
  2. Miyamoto's Avatar
    Epic mid-life crisis, still awesome though.
  3. osna's Avatar
    i'm sorry but the cars looky ugly :O
  4. Kurotoki's Avatar
    Welding without a welding mask...this guy has got some balls.
  5. Miyamoto's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by osna
    i'm sorry but the cars looky ugly :O
    Yeah the modifications are a bit too much, but I'd still love to drive em.
  6. Chrome's Avatar
    "Am I good or bad?"
    "I am about justice."

  7. Drake's Avatar
    Reminds me of the Mid Night Club
  8. melody of dead.deanders's Avatar
    i thought this only happens in the movies.. m.m

    me wants this life..
  9. Fish's Avatar
    can't even watch it