Japanese Waifu of the Century

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Would be Akane Tsunemori from Psycho-Pass.....or something like that.

Anyway, Destiny PS4 anyone? >:3

DimirAgent007 is my PSN.
Trying to do Vault of Glass if you've got enough homies to have a full fireteam. If not, Weekly Heroics or Raids will suffice. Especially raids since I've haven't done one yet.

And seriously, what's with this Japanese blog stuff?
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  1. Lord Irvine's Avatar
    I haven't seen too much Psycho-Pass, but Akane is **** tier so far.
  2. Stone-Free's Avatar
    Keep watching sir. And damn you for getting my hopes up! :'<
    <3 u >.>
  3. Lord Irvine's Avatar
    Your hopes? How did I get your hopes up?
    *turns on the funk*

    And I have no idea what's going on with the Japanese blog stuff.
  4. UmaiHorse's Avatar
    Tempted to make my own Japanese trap blog, but I'll just use that effort to comment in yours. ~3~

    Disappointing waifu taste.

    And no, I don't do Destiny.
  5. Stone-Free's Avatar
    My waifu isn't 12 and she has balls. Doesn't get any more top tier, sir. And yet another person who doesn't even play Destiny. I fear my efforts are in vain :'(
  6. UmaiHorse's Avatar
    lol, only someone pedo like bada would go after kids that are 12 years old. xD
  7. Q8 Ace's Avatar
    Why not join a clan? I joined the two most active clans, talking in the group forum i had to wait only 5 minutes to gather 5 skilled players to play the raid, ps4 reddit is a good choice!
  8. Lord Irvine's Avatar
    So Stone's preference for women is for her to not be 12 and have balls.

    I recommend Mariandale. Definitely meets your waifu criteria.

  9. Stone-Free's Avatar
    @Q8: Totally forgot about joining clans. Will do, thanks a bunch.

    And Vine, I didn't mean balls literally.
  10. Lirarin Rii's Avatar
    Get GTA V. Destiny is boring :/
  11. Stone-Free's Avatar
    If it was boring I don't think I'd make a blog pleading for people to play with me >.>
    Besides, I haven't been able to stomach GTA after San Andreas.