RIP Monty Oum

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Monty Oum, the creator of RWBY and RvB has passed away today.

RIP Monty. Your work was an inspiration to all of us, and you pushed the boundaries of anime and storytelling.
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  1. Blooddrunk's Avatar
    Never watched RWBY or anything he did, but heard of his death. He was 33, and he died in such a shitty way. Allergic reaction to a medical exam he had done in the hospital, from which he then went into a coma and then died. RIP dude.
  2. Miyamoto's Avatar
    Sad, reminds me we can go at any given moment. Rip.
  3. Faize Beleth's Avatar
    Its so sad.Been a fan of his since he started Dead Fantasy -_-
  4. Sky's Avatar
    RIP Monty Oum
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  5. Itzdesire's Avatar
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