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    OMG. Hi.
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    Happy Birthday.
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    They say you can't have cake and eat it too, but ain't that what you s'posed to do?
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    Happy Birthday.

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    lmao thank you! i wish i could make the lines a bit smoother but i can't remember how lol xD
    im glad you like it xD
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    i know bio oil is sposed to be good
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    oh no, that sounds bad =(

    and yea, the doctor said theres not much to do for scarring, so... =(
    the internet offers lots of advice, but i dunno if they do anything really
    most are ok, but theres one or two ones on my face that i worry about

    and yea, they might have it, but its not something people have heard of (might have a different name) and its not something ive looked for either
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    im surprised that its not anywhere near as bad as i expected, but its still irritating that i end up touching one whenever i move, or lie down >.<
    if i were in england, id be using calamine lotion, i miss it so much, but the doctor gave me some cream, so that should be enough =)
    theres also a really bad one on my face, it popped before i even knew i had chicken pox, so i wonder if itll scar ='(
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    haha, yea, why did you choose that one out of all the 50-odd things youre watching weekly? >.<
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    dont let that put you off, its really interesting
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Test results

by wicked liz on 09-04-2017 at 03:58 AM

You are a Opportunist Seme!
Preying on the clueless is what you're all about. You really don't intend to hurt anyone, but if a bit of harmless manipulation can get you what you want, you're not beyond taking a little advantage of someone, which you figure is an even exchange for your companionship anyway. Not one for lots of drama, you are best paired with the Clueless Uke, who will appreciate your attention and never bat an eye at your

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Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

by wicked liz on 08-16-2017 at 07:47 PM
What happened in Charlottesville, Virginia (United States of America) over that last few days is terrifying to me, I don't feel angry or confused, I just feel devastated.


Those White Supremacists are terrifying to me, I actually feel awed at that reporter who was able to walk and talk with them (without crying). I also feel awed by the brave people who came out to stand against

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Hi guys!

by wicked liz on 06-14-2017 at 02:41 AM

It's been 3-4 (5?) months since last I was here, since I updated my MAL, since I watched new anime - you'd think I was dead or hospitalized with a wasting disease or something. Fortunately it was just my usual bout of obsessive behaviour.

Sometime around the end of last season when I was bored out of my skull it occurred to me that for someone who supposedly liked books it had been awhile since

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I'm seriously going to start training for the Hunger Games

by wicked liz on 01-29-2017 at 10:09 PM
Apparently the news this week is just going to keep vacillating between unbelievable hilarity and incredulity.

But can I just rage a bit?

If people want to control my uterus that badly can they just take it from me? Please. I don't want kids, and I don't want you telling me what I can and cannot do.

Once every month my uterus decides to protest my non-pregnant state by wreaking havoc on my brain and organs. This happens (in spades with pointy exclamation

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I'M STILL ALIVE!!! (you bastards!)

by wicked liz on 06-27-2015 at 01:29 AM
This month has been kind of a wash in terms of luck. My phone died (an ancient blackberry), then my laptop perished.

My phone had been trying to die for some time, so I wasn't surprised. My laptop dying made me grieve. I was watching a One Piece movie (Strong World) and then there was NOTHINGNESS and SILENCE. (right at the cool entrance scene too). Despite borrowing my sister's laptop and having to experience the joy that is Windows 8 - I consider it a draw.

My uncle

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