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    As for Guardiola, another thing is at City he's basically been able to buy anyone he wants. He's snapped up all the young future stars and built an eliite, young squad

    Until he wins a champion league with another team I'm gonna keep hating. He took a Bayern team which won the champions league absolutely whilst absolutely destroying Barca, was the best team in the world with Robben, Ribery, etc and guardiola somehow completely fkt the team. You know Bundesliga is hot trash when winner is decided by christmas so that's not really a prize he can take home.
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    Cool g,

    Yeah man, I think Juve's an elite team. I'm glad Atletico piped RM. Did you see Costa's goal. The arsenal and city game, not sure what to think so far.

    sorry for the late reply, I'm in Malaysia right now. I would definitely like to keep talking, we can on discord - you can have a private chat.
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    I think Ronaldo deserves it this year. He's had a great season and had a good world cup. Do you think Juve has a shot @ champions league? They've been getting pretty close these past couple of seasons. And yeah man. TBH even that Croatia game, Kane had like 1-2 chances he should've put in. Predators like Cavani would've eaten that up.

    You looking forward to the new season? I want to see if Salah hits those numbers again. And Guardiola, I always used to see him as a bald fraud lool. Call me a hater but I refused to rate him. I was like at Barca he had the best players and the German league is a joke. But man he turned the whole premier league into the Bundesliga lmao.
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    As for Ronaldo, I heard he's been very unhappy this past year. Real Madrid's completely mugged him off. He got into some tax problems with the Spanish government but the club didn't give him any help like how Barca helped out Messi. If he gets into another problem he'll see jail team. Also he was asking them for a new contract since last year, but they were dcking him around. Then imagine when he's picking up his ballon d'or award, the RM president is like "Yo Neymar if you want of these, come to Madrid."

    Even like the price they sold him for etc, I think President trying to trigger Ronaldo, The thing with Real Madrid though, they got a track record for treating club legends like trash. And thank you man
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    Yeah I think Henderson wasn't needed. Shame Wilshire wasn't included. Also Sterling's finishing might be trash but I think he was getting unnecessary blame from the media. England looked more dangerous with him on the field. But Modric man, ****ing hell. 4 years ago Real voted him the worst signing lmao.

    As for Mbappe, yeah lmao I heard it's Neymar and Dani Alves. They apparently even had a fight over some pass not being played to Mbappe. And I think he'll have to go man, Paris must be on an Mbappe hype right now. Neymar wants to be the biggest, I know he's absolutely fuming.
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    Hey sorry for the late reply. Yeah I agree with you man it kills the game, I think they need to use that VAR thing to call out dives.

    Croatia vs England was disappointing but Croatia I have to admit seemed like they were the hungrier team. I lowkey wanted them to win the final because they showed so much heart during the course of the world cup. but man lmao france is too OP man wtf. I wonder how Neymar's gonna feel when he goes back to Paris and everything's about Mbappe. Imagine leaving barca to get away from Messi's shadow only for him to go right underneath Mbappe's lool.

    And how you feel about Ronaldo leaving for Juve? I think the RM president violated Ronaldo tbh. Imagine putting up nearly 10 years of elite goal numbers every season, then the one time you show a bit of weakness they get rid of you. That Florentino Perez is absolutely ruthless
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    Lool yeah Neymar was over the top tbh. But it feels like if players like Neymar don't dive they won't get calls since they're always targeted. Like Hazard yesterday deserved a couple of free kicks yesterday but he didn't get since he didn't dive and play around like Mbappe. I was hoping for Belgium to go through man, KDB, Lukaku and Hazard have all been sick.

    So pumped for today's game, it's gonna be tough. Modric is an absolute monster, I think for me he's the best midfielder in the world right now.
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    Hey good to hear man. And lmao the world cup has been great, all the small teams have been putting in work. Seeing Germany, Spain get knocked out lmfaooo. Mbappe's been a joy to watch as well, only 19 and already a superstar wtf. I'm looking forward to France vs Belgium, it's gon be a blockbuster.

    But man, looks like it's coming home!!!!
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    Ahh damn. And thanks for asking, I've been great man. What about you? And happy late birthday, how was it.
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    Hey no worries bro, my bad about the long reply as well. Got caught up.

    Did you manage to finish book 3 or nah
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I've just recently logged back in for a long time and I was just going through my old posts on here and AC using the way back machine and it's quite depressing thinking that the friends I made here and on AC, that I will more than likely never speak to them again, like ever again, I've got so many fond memories of these forums, memories that I will never forget, friends that I will never forget, even the people that I didn't like, I'll never forget. I guess that's just the sadness of the internet,

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Lemmy Kilmister, David Bowie, Alan Rickman all died at 69 of cancer, rest in piece you legends. T.T

Trump's 69 too, hopefully he'll die of cancer too! Fingers crossed!

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