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    I meant the whole Ragnar getting addicted to drugs thing - his whole switch up. I don't mind if they end up killing him but atleast let him have a hero's death, not a fall from grace. D; Ragnar is probably my favourite thing on Vikings, the guy who acts him is phenomenal. I didn't like Bjorn before, but he's grown on me this season particularly, the guy who plays him has really improved his acting as well. His scene with his brothers at the end of the mid season finale, lol he reminded me of Ragnar with his mannerisms. The finale though, particularly the time-skip is 10/10 for me.

    But lol when Ragnar and Rollo jumped at each other and clashed their swords - that was straight out of naruto man, cringe af.

    Better Call Saul, the finale lol. Chuck is such a snake. As corrupt as Jimmy is, he's always been there for his brother and that guy is using his brother's love to fck him over. What do you think of Mike's story line with Nacho?
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    Lol just noticed my VM to you got deleted after they rolled back during the downtime.

    HTGAWM: I swear Wes' has been involved in every murder on the show, he just can't catch a break. The Frank car crash thing was pretty shocking.

    Lost: This show is top tier man, #1 show for me right now. I'm @ the part where Sayid sees Michael working on the boat @ as a cleaner.

    HoC: Lol the scene between Frank and the BBQ guy. Freddy a real one.

    Vikings: No idea if you've been watching this but I don't really like what they've done with Ragnar.
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    Ah good to hear man, was afraid you'd say things would go downhill. Ah forgot about Locke lol his story was depressing man, I felt proper bad for him. Another character who cracks me up is Charlie.

    Lol Claire's probably my favourite character on the show.
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    I'm currently on season 3, does it get better or worse from here on? I really like the characters man, they're all unique and have fleshed out backgrounds. Sawyer's comments kill me man, he's such a troll.

    I haven't gotten around to finishing it yet, I'm on episode 4 or 5 I think.
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    I think it'll probably be Mike helping people in jail lol whilst they try and get him out. And I'm really enjoying it man, I've been sleeping on this for ages. I should've watched this as soon as you said it was one of your favourite shows. I'm on the finale of season 2, Michael's betrayed the group and killed Ana Lucia and Libby, Hugo's chick.

    Have you started House of Cards yet?
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    What did you think of the Suits finale? I've started watching Lost by the way, you were right man - this is a top tier show. Really enjoying this, I should've watched it when you said it's one of your favourite shows ever. And lol the amount of twists in HTGAWM has left my neck like

    And np - looking forward to it.
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    Better Call Saul is top tier for me man, I'm really enjoying it. Check these screenshots out, they're spoiler free - http://imgur.com/a/KVEGg - I've always like Breaking Bad's cinematography and camera angles. Don't load the rest though.

    And lol you haven't caught up on Vikings?!?!?!?!/ BTW is that you I see online on PSN playing fifa every once in awhile? If it is, I'd play with you but I'm absolutely atrocious at fifa now man.
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    Lol that Double Jeopardy film, the synopsis makes it sound interesting but that imdb rating aint looking too hot. is it worth watching or nah?

    Better call Saul is back, really nice ep. lol it's going to be lit soon, all these new shows are back. vikings + house of cards + better call saul = the holy trinity
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    I wonder if Jessica will become the new villain after this lawyer arc thing finishes. It seems to be heading that way with her covering her back and all. She's always had it out for Mike. inb4 specter litt ross


    don't quote me on this, but i think in the US if you're tried for something and you get acquitted, you can't get tried for that crime again because of double jeopardy. however, if mike starts practicing law again that'd be a new crime. so i guess he'll probably quit like he wanted to.


    You heard of that new show about OJ Simpson? Apparently it's meant to be top tier
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    I've no idea what Mike will do lol, idk if Jessica will even let him stay if they survive this. And lol @ Louis suggestion he becomes the head of the firm, gave me a good laugh. And Donna is I think my favourite thing about Suits, apparently the actress has been friends with Harvey for over 20 years.

    And lol as far as I remember, he had to make one final prison break to get his pregnant wife out. He ended up sacrificing himself, died via electrocution. I think he was going to die anyway since he had a brain tumour or something.
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The sadness of the internet.

by Kurotoki on 12-19-2017 at 11:32 AM
I've just recently logged back in for a long time and I was just going through my old posts on here and AC using the way back machine and it's quite depressing thinking that the friends I made here and on AC, that I will more than likely never speak to them again, like ever again, I've got so many fond memories of these forums, memories that I will never forget, friends that I will never forget, even the people that I didn't like, I'll never forget. I guess that's just the sadness of the internet,

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It's good to see this site is still up.

by Kurotoki on 12-18-2017 at 08:51 PM
It's been a while since I've properly been on here, and I must admit that i've missed this place, a lot of you most probably don't remember me or even if you did, you never liked me lol, I wasn't a likeable person, but I thought ill come by and see how everyone is, Sooo, how is everyone? I hope you are all good.

We can be heroes, just for one day

by Kurotoki on 01-16-2016 at 01:20 AM
Lemmy Kilmister, David Bowie, Alan Rickman all died at 69 of cancer, rest in piece you legends. T.T

Trump's 69 too, hopefully he'll die of cancer too! Fingers crossed!

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Come and be a part of the illuminati.

by Kurotoki on 06-10-2015 at 08:05 PM
Do you want fame? money? happiness? love? peace? come and join the Illuminati and it could be all yours.


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Not if you're part of the Illuminati.

by Kurotoki on 02-19-2015 at 11:01 AM

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