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    Lol yeah I agree tbh - the book 1 build up and climax was insane. As for Kaladin and Moash that's true I guess, but I think Moash was in the wrong. He tried to kill the one person who basically kept him alive and gave him a full set of shard weapon/armour. If it wasn't for Kaladin, Moash would but be dead on some battlefield and he repays Kaladin by trying to kill him.

    As for Taravangian, yeah he's that king pulling the strings. So like on some days he's dumb but on other days he's super intelligent.

    In a way I envy you man, getting to read all 3 books back to back. I personally really enjoyed Kaladin's backstory a lot so reading about him going back to his village was dope.
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    Forgot to ask man, what do you think of that guy Taravangian? Enjoy book #3

    For me personally, these books are what epic fantasies are man. I could see why they are at the top of goodreads best books list. Like I didn't think I'd ever find something that could rival or surpass Game of Thrones.

    I've only got one more suggestion after this, it's that Name of the Wind. It's not an "epic" in the sense that Stormlight is. Some people prefer Stormlight, others Name of the Wind - they're both elite, top tier books.
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    Lool Sadeas is some tactical mastermind. He has all these scumbag tactics, he reminds me
    of Littlefinger. That duel as well, when Dalinar was asking around and people were looking away lmao. What did you think of this book? Did it deliver as a sequel? And what did you think of Moash betraying Kaladin?

    The final battle was insane man. The flying as well. Adolin and Sadeas at the end. And Kaladin flying back to his village as some superstar.
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    Let me know what you think about the next duel.
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    You're flying through these chapters - you're finally hooked lool. And yeah man Szeth is a beast. I remember shortly afterwards Kaladin starts to resume his training cause he knows Szeth is on another level. And have you gotten to any of Adolin's duels yet?

    I had to re-read the ending of book 1 again. It's so sick man, when Kaladin comes to rescue Dalinar's army and he comes across Adolin taking down people left right and centre to try get to his father even though his armour's basically finished and he's surrounded by enemies licking their lips over his weapon. Then you see Dalinar fighting up ahead vs that shardbearer. Like we know damn well a lot of authors would've just stopped a book at Sadeas turning away and you would've had to wait a good 5 years (or 15 in GRRM's case lmao) to find out what happens.

    And lol yeah, Sadeas played them nicely. I legit thought that was it for Dalinar. But for Dalinar to give up his own sword for Kaladin and the rest of the slaves. Sadeas won hard
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    Damn - my man. Did you expect the betrayal from Sadeas by the way? And what did you think of him. I really like Adolin as well.

    I guess you'll have to wait and see.

    This insta post is for you
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    I'm happy you enjoyed it man, the whole series is an experience. And let me just tell you the second book is on a whole other level - it's honestly unbelievable. When I read the first book I was like there's no way this is getting topped. The first book is like the appetiser, second book he's delivering the main course lmao.

    When Sadeas betrayed Dalinar and he accepted his fate and decided to die fighting alongside his son. Genius betrayal from Sadeas, I didn't even expect it lmao. And then Kaladin makes u-turn and rescues them, my lord what a read. And the fact he's going toe to toe with shard bearers. The ending as well, I was wondering what would happen and then Dalinar gives up his shard blade for the bridge teams. Did Taravangian give Szeth another mission at the end?

    And you're right as well, the whole unprecedented move of giving dark eyes people that much is gonna be sick to read about.
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    I loved that whole battle scene man. That shardbearer was running through Kaladin's team for jokes. And his captain Amaram's betrayal. I imagine like shard swords to be Valyrian steel weapons by how rare and wanted they are. And the whole backstory with his family getting violated by Roshone the major and then his little brother Tien being forced to join the army - I was like damn man.

    + What do you think of the whole light/dark eyes society thing.

    And has Szeth attacked the people on the list he was given? What do you think of him.

    I like your thoughts man but sorry for the sparse replies - when you've finished book 1 we're gonna have a juicy, enjoyable discussion and we'll refer back to all your theories and stuff.
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    I'm really glad you're liking it man and I enjoy reading your thoughts - I felt the exact same way. What did you think of Kaladin's fight vs that shardbearer? And have you come across that mayor (Roshone?) from Kaladin's backstory.
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    What's Kaladin up to so far? I am not quite sure where you are at in the story so I don't want to spoil anything. What do you think of the whole bridge thing and the dynamic.

    But man Kuro, you're in for a treat. I don't want to oversell it, but Brandon Sanderson is elite at building up the tempo and then hitting you with a huge climax at the end of every book. He doesn't do that slow-burn over multiple books bs.
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