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    Haha I agree. What did you think of Beverly Katz dying? I found it really sad. Also, do you think that Chilton is dead? A lot of people refused to believe he's dead and that it's all an elaborate plan by Will and Jack.

    I'm going to start it after I've watched the Suits episode tomorrow.
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    I legit thought Hannibal knew about the plan, that was until I saw Hannibal's face when he smells Freddie Lounds on Will haha. And then that dinner he has with Will - I think he was even hinting at Will's betrayal with all the Christ/Judas talk.

    House of Cards is different, might take a 1-2 episodes to get into it but it's also amazing. Frank (Kevin Spacey) is a boss. Don't watch the trailer though, it spoils it somewhat. IMDB says it best:

    Season 2 trailer is worth watching when you're finished though.
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    Glad you enjoyed it (: - And yeah that girl thing was wtf. I guess all Hannibal wanted was for him, Will and her (his surprise for Will) to live happily ever after. I found Alana to be really annoying though, I'm glad she got rekt.

    Now the question is, when are you going to start House of Cards? =p
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    The season finale is amazing, it's not going to disappoint.
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    Yeah the guy's acting is on point. What did you think of the fight they showed at the beginning of Season 2?
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    Haha keep it up. What do you think of Hannibal (the character)?
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    Glad you like it bro. You'll enjoy the second season even more.

    Been casually working my way through Doctor Who hence the avatar (<3), you were right about Matt Smith - I've been warming up to him.
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    Haha, yeah I'm definitely watching.
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    He's with Karen Gillan right? I'll check it out. I'll give Fringe a go.
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    You mentioned Doctor Who earlier. I haven't watched that since David Tennant - he was awesome. I'll give it a go when the new season starts though.
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The sadness of the internet.

by Kurotoki on 12-19-2017 at 11:32 AM
I've just recently logged back in for a long time and I was just going through my old posts on here and AC using the way back machine and it's quite depressing thinking that the friends I made here and on AC, that I will more than likely never speak to them again, like ever again, I've got so many fond memories of these forums, memories that I will never forget, friends that I will never forget, even the people that I didn't like, I'll never forget. I guess that's just the sadness of the internet,

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It's good to see this site is still up.

by Kurotoki on 12-18-2017 at 08:51 PM
It's been a while since I've properly been on here, and I must admit that i've missed this place, a lot of you most probably don't remember me or even if you did, you never liked me lol, I wasn't a likeable person, but I thought ill come by and see how everyone is, Sooo, how is everyone? I hope you are all good.

We can be heroes, just for one day

by Kurotoki on 01-16-2016 at 01:20 AM
Lemmy Kilmister, David Bowie, Alan Rickman all died at 69 of cancer, rest in piece you legends. T.T

Trump's 69 too, hopefully he'll die of cancer too! Fingers crossed!

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Come and be a part of the illuminati.

by Kurotoki on 06-10-2015 at 08:05 PM
Do you want fame? money? happiness? love? peace? come and join the Illuminati and it could be all yours.


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Not if you're part of the Illuminati.

by Kurotoki on 02-19-2015 at 11:01 AM

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