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    I feel lately like I don't know how to be myself anymore. I don't even know who it is. Like I've just been projecting this image for a while now. And I don't know where it's going. Like I had these plans and it's just gone. Nothing happened like it should have. And I wish nothing had. If I could just go back to playing Minecraft with you. You and Muffin and Maxi. And they were together and we were... good. I want days back, I want people back. I can't keep losing things. But there's nothing left at this point. I miss when it was easier. Let's go back.
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    Just thinking of you. Can't believe you're gone. I know it's been some time but still...wish I had gotten to know you. Makes me think about how precious life is...
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    What is life, Luc? That ever so evasive question tha haunts all of humanity. Though tbh humanity is just is so 'effed up right now. Or maybe it always has been? And I've just been too naive as usual to realise, living in my own fantasy world. I hate what we're doing to the planet and all the species that are already extinct. Species today's generation will never know about or be able to see. How sad is that? It breaks my heart it really does. Sometimes I wish I could just go live in the forest somewhere away from capitalist money oriented bullshit. I dunno, at the rate we're going we're just going to end up killing ourselves, and only then will the planet be able to recover. Humans: The most savage species in existence. Meh, what am I rambling on about?
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    I finished playing the ps4 remake of Shadow of the Colossus. It's beautiful as expected. Ni no Kuni 2 next on my list. I know you'd be hot on it <3.
    Anyway, guess I should poof. Oh before I forget, Yuumei finally released a new chapter of Fisheye Placebo. The feels as I read it thinking of you ;_;. Good stuff. Gorgeous art as always.
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    Soooooo a lot has happened. I said before that Alex and I broke up? Well we got back together. But we broke up again maybe... 2 months ago. It's been stressful. I basically have no friends from before except Asian, cause I ditched the discord and moved to NA wow. Break from... bullshit. I dunno. Asian tells me Nait is getting married though. Crazy right? I mean, not really when you think about how old we are now, but like, still crazy cause we all met when we were young and dumb. I still am, so wtf.
    I'm blonde now. Like really blonde. I'm going silver in maybe a couple of weeks. Drastic changes and all that. I got a rainbow keyboard. Guess we all knew I couldn't resist for very long.
    I forgot to tell you a bot got hold of your skype account a while ago. It was veeeeeeeery distressing when I got a message from you. My heart nearly stopped.be nice if you came back though, yeh? 2 years and I still handle grief like a ****ing knob.
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    Over 2 years already...sometimes I wonder if this all actually happened. Feels odd.
    Always remembered Luc, always <3
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    So I got hit by a van on Thursday on my way home from work whilst crossing the road. Head hit the bonnet/corner of the bumper (don't even know, all happened so fast!), next thing I know I'm on the ground with a massive bump on my head. Angry black/green-ish bruises, grazes, bit of a friction burn/open wound on my inner arm which is taking it's sorry arse time to stop oozing and scab over, beaten aching body, but all in all I'm still alive and kicking! Were you watching over me? It could have been so much worse after all...been listening to this keeping me company ~

    The last theme from Uncharted 4 with the piano is just too damn beautiful, so many feels <3...

    Always thinking of you and missing ya <3
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    Happy Birthday Lucy. As always, much love <3
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    Happy birthday <3
    So the mister and I broke up over the weekend. And your birthday. What an excellent valentine's day aha.

    You should see the lucian valentine's day skin in league. It's so pink. Perfect.

    Heh. I dunno. I miss you as always. I'm still so... angry, you were so careless... sorry. Sometimes I still can't breathe when I think on it.
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