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    its ok, i understand
    and aww, but you barely need to use japanese to live here
    naww, i get that everything being the wrong language is a pain, ive kinda gotten over it, but there was a time when its like "why cant they just have english?"

    ive learnt to read the useful ones, but i skip over something when i think its not useful, im probably around grade 2 in terms of ones i fully recognise
    but, i know many more difficult ones that appear more often, so i can read more than my 3rd graders

    i agree completely
    even nara is a little crowded for my tastes
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    DREAM EATER you suck
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    i don't see you active much anymore
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    That's why using picture/s is great, 'cause you can have more than one colour for specific areas.

    I really love the building up type of story where things keep getting graver and you've gained all this knowledge and you've gotten at least somewhat fond of even the more bothersome party members (like Hubert here).

    It certainly helps when choosing what party to play with if you like less characters =D
    Final Fantasy VI kills me 'cause I love so many of the charas, but gotta choose just 4 D;;;
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    (oh no, my message was too long... lol, this is part 1)

    ooh, cool, ive only seen the bridge from the train/car
    well, my first company wasnt great, the hours were the best thing about it, but it wasnt any worse than english companies
    i think you just need to do research first

    well, ive been here some time now, and food is the most important and most common, so i can remember it
    one rule is, if you see 魚 anywhere in the kanji, its some kind of fish

    true, but i still cant speak properly in japanese which is a pain
    when i start speaking im like "wait, im a foreigner, can i get away with speaking simply, or should i be more polite? i should probably be more polite... but... how polite? do i know any honorific language? is just adding desu ok? does de gozaimasu work for everything?" and by then ive just said the most important word from the sentence and stopped speaking all together >.<
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    (part 2)

    kyoto? cool, thats super famous (personally i prefer nara though, they have deer and much less people)
    hokkaido? wow, ive been there 2 times, but only for a short trip, and both times in summer =( i need to go back in spring or winter
    id recommend gifu, especially in winter, theres a place called shirakawago thats so beautiful, it looks like a fairytale covered in snow, however, without a car its difficult to get to, i dont think they have a train nearby, but there are probably busses, and also in gifu is (hide) takayama, thats really old fashioned, its called mini kyoto, but it feels much more real, i had soy sauce ice cream there >.< there are so many shops that have loads of samples and stuff so we were full before lunch, also, their beef is pretty famous

    and, i recommend iga, in mie, its famous for ninjas, they have a ninja museum, and you can even dress up as a ninja for a day and walk around the town, that was fun
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    (part 3, dont read this 1st)

    other than that... hiroshima? ive only been to the peace museum there, but they also have that famous shrine in the sea, one of the top 3 places in japan or something (also, that place has deer too, lol)

    oh, and if you go back to kobe, id forgotten, but theres himeji castle, which is super famous, they recently restored it (opened in april), so itll look super white now
    i still havent seen it, i went when they were still working on it, so it was all covered up

    erm.. i think thats enough for now, there are other places i could recommend, but i havent been to them myself yet, lol
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    ah, akashi bridge, you know you can go up to the top?
    naww, my old job was actually shorter hours than most jobs, and we could choose how many when we started, so i coulda had more or less
    my current job is 8 hours a day, the kids can be there any time after the 1st hour though, so i dont get a real lunch break, but most days they only arrive at 2 or 4, so its not bad
    i think its only public schools that make you work a long time, but even then, us foreigners get a much better deal than the natives
    yea.... i basically cant wrote any kanji, but im getting much better at reading/guessing from context.... especially food kanji
    ahhh, thats cool, id like to formally study japanese, but i suck at studying, and dont have time

    i also really wanna learn kyuudo (japanese archery), but i think theres only 1 club around or something ='(
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    tennoujis really famous, plus i worked in lots of places around osaka, so i know most main places
    i liked kobe, its more peaceful for living, but osakas much more friendly and convenient (plus the foods better, unless you like all the fancy expensive italian places and cafes etc)
    where did you visit? the harbour? suma beach/aquarium?

    and im working... but i came here to live, haha
    i cant speak enough japanese to study anything here
    plus i dont have the money after studying in england

    what are you studying?
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    oh really? which part of osaka? (you dont have to answer is you dont want to)
    im living in south osaka myself, on the way to the airport ^.^
    lived in kobe before though
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